Water Quality Matters!

Before making a purchase you should know where you water parameters are and if your tank is ready for new inhabitants. We always recommend testing on a set schedule so that you are familiar with the environment within your aquarium.

These parameters provided show you where we like keeping our tanks. We suggest trying to keep your saltwater aquarium as stable as possible so that the animals can thrive to their best potential.

If you find you have any further questions regarding water chemistry, have a question about a coral you received or would just like to reach out, use this contact form provided. You can also click the chat button on the lower righthand side of the screen. Please note, chats are generally the quickest way to reach us.

The MCC Way of Doing Things

Over the years we've found that the KISS method of doing things always works in the longrun. There is no "secret sauce" to having nice corals that grow well. Want to know how we do it? Regular water changes, weekly testing and slow methodical changes over time. Everything we do is easy to replicate even by most beginners. The vast majority of our corals are kept between 150 and 250 PAR. We find that keeping it simple allows for the corals to more easily acclimate to your aquarium. We provide the corals with strong, random flow and plenty of fish to produce waste.

Need more insight?

We're always around! Feel free to send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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