Collection: LPS

LPS corals are large polyped stony corals. They are comprised of a variety of corals included chalices, torches, hammers and scolymia. These corals generally have easier care requirements than SPS and are sought after for their colorful appearance. Most LPS corals are on the larger side or can become a large colony in a relatively short amount of time. Specific care for these corals varies greatly depending on species but they will generally do well with moderate flow and moderate light.

Here at Miami Coral Co. we aquaculture multiple different species of LPS. Unlike purchasing wild, freshly imported corals, aquacultured corals tend to adjust better to their new permanent homes. Additionally, aquacultured LPS specifically have a higher chance of survival than their wild counterparts. 

If you're looking for healthy, happy additions to your reef feel free to check out the corals below!